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Sep 16 2021 - Sep 16 2021

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What's on my mind?

Portrait, human anatomy and nature.

It all started with portraits. They have always caused me a lot of difficulties - capturing the resemblance of the model, trying to convey human emotions. As it usually happens, the first attempts were quite sloppy (luckily I don't give up easily) and looked like caricatures. While studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, I had a pleasure to encounter professors who instilled in me the idea of ​​hard work, daily practice and detailed observation of reality. This is how I turned from a caricaturist into a painter.

It was portrait painting that pushed me towards anatomy. After studying faces, I moved to hands, feet, legs, and then the internal organs the human body. The passion for studying the human body and biological processes taking place in it has been with me since I can remember. Maybe it's better that I didn't become a doctor - I would be quite a butcher.

Since I moved to the Portuguese countryside, nature surrounds me every day - I wake up to the bird choir, grow a 200 m2 of vegetables (which is a great joy, especially for a city dweller), track snakes' nests and count owls at night. I am fascinated by the variety of life forms, the structure of plants, and the colours of bird feathers. I have such a little paradise in my head - to see it, I  just close my eyes.

In Poznan I want to show you a little of my world - please look at it with kindness.


Curators note

The event will be a great opportunity to meet the Artist and learn about his work, which with its riot of colours and strong expression will surely put us in a positive mood. Jasinski's paintings are energetic, they are an explosion of colour. With floral and folk motifs interwoven, in which the influence of the Secession and Young Poland can be noticed.

The curator, Violetta Kowalczyk
photos: Agata Weronika Juska
  • Sep 16 2021 - Sep 16 2021

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