iNFT with Regency Wealth Management

iNFT with Regency Wealth Management

NFT’s by Jasinski

My NFT journey has began. I must admit, I was quite reluctant at first due to my lack of knowledge about the whole NFT market, but I thought I will give it a go. To be honest – I would never have started if it wasn’t for Matthew Turner from Regency Wealth Management. It is fair to say that it has been his idea from the very beginning.

I have met Matthew while living in Kuwait and we stayed in touch. Few months ago he called me to ask if I would be interested in entering the world of NFT’s. His passion and knowledge sealed the deal. And here we are – launching our first NFT related project together. Matthew came over to see me in Portugal and we had a very intensive few days brain storming ideas and drinking wine (mostly drinking wine). That is how iNFT was born. The ‘i’ relates both to me as an artist and to the fact that all our NFT’s feature eyes.

It is always interesting for me to mix the world of art with that of technology, but I am aware that a lot of my followers don’t necessarily get the meaning of what NFT’s are. I will try to explain it best I can (yet again Matthew comes to rescue with some simple explanations :P).

NFTS or “Non-fungible tokens” use cryptocurrencies’ blockchains to sell original versions of digital artefacts.

Non-fungible tokens” (nfts) jumped to the forefront of mainstream art in March 2021 when Christies, a British auction house, sold a digital work of art for $69m. What was actually sold was an NFT, a cryptocurrency chit that proves a buyer owns an intangible marker connected to a unique piece of digital art, music or other item.

An NFT is a record or data entry onto a cryptocurrency’s blockchain (an immutable ledger that can record more than just virtual coins) that represents pieces of digital media. Invented only a few years ago, it can link not only to art but also to text, videos or bits of code. This solution attempts to solve the thorny problem with digital art: how to own an original. NFT Creators who freely upload their work or sell it as identical copies, the concept of an original can be difficult to pin down precisely. Exclusivity is impossible to enforce when digital files can be shared freely on the internet. But collectors want the cachet that comes with having an exclusive claim on an artwork. This is where NFTs come into their own.



In short and in relation to my project an NFT is a way to ensure only the buyer owns the art work. They are protected with a unique source code which is recorded and registered on the blockchain. This secure documentation and registration ensures that there can only be one of each NFT. No one else can own the individual NFT or INFT in our case unless you sell it to them. While you hold the INFT it is yours and yours alone with the latest technology supporting and securing your asset.

So I have painted 100 eyes, 50 pairs. The beauty of art – you can match them as you like, creating new and interesting pairs. I have them all on display in my studio now and they look amazing as a whole piece. Each eye is unique, they vary when it comes to the colour of the iris, the added elements around them (flowers, etc) and the technique.

Launching the iNFT project is just a start of our adventure. We are already planning future events and yet another NFT related project. Will keep you informed!

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