Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales

I’m often asked the question ‘how long does it take you to finish a painting?’. There is no definite answer, for several reasons : 1- I am working on multiple canvas at the same time (oil paint takes several days to dry); 2 – all paintings are different and some elements simply take longer to paint them others; 3 – it all depends on my mood. If the weather is nice, if I haven’t drunk too much wine last evening – it all affects the pace of work.

It’s good to be an artist: P I can work when I feel like it (and I always feel like it), I can take a break and go for a coffee or not take a break and paint, for example, all night long.

Quick paintings are certainly not easier to accomplish. They simply require more precision and are more expressive at the same time.

From time to time a painting is created in one session. This has its advantages, such as the freshness of it, expressiveness or the intensity and continuity of the narrative. It also has its drawbacks – it requires more focus from me and leaves no room for mistakes. I like this quick process because it better reflects what’s on my mind at a given moment.

My friend Łukasz Bozycki had an idea to make a time laps video and try to paint a painting in one go. He set up all his gadgets, set up the lamps and sat me inside all of it with a blank canvas. He turned on the recording and went for a vodka (or some noodles, I don’t know), leaving me in the studio for a few hours in a very uncomfortable position ….

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